Stop Neck and Shoulder Pain

Yes, now you can stop upper back, neck, and shoulder pain
with the Hauber Method™!

By popular demand, Sara Hauber has created the comprehensive "Save Your Neck & Shoulders" program to accompany the original Hauber Method™ program.

stop neck and shoulder pain with the Hauber Method

This new program is comprehensive—designed to heal the entire upper back, neck, shoulder complex—and taught by Sara in the systematic, progressive, well-explained way that makes her programs so successful. In this program, Sara has thought of everything!

Save Your Neck & Shoulders includes:

  • Thorough explanation of the physical factors that cause your neck, shoulders, and upper back to ache
  • Details about what muscles must be stretched and which must be strengthened, and a complete video program showing you how to do each move exactly right
  • Special considerations for rotator cuff injuries and how to heal them without surgery (really!)
  • Exercises that help you avoid the ugly "dowager's hump" as you age
  • Exercises and stretches that help men avoid that silly-looking "ape walk" that comes when chest presses are overemphasized at the expense of upper-back exercises
  • Details on which strength-training exercises to avoid altogether if you want to eliminate pain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back
  • And of course, recommendations for how to work the Neck & Shoulders program into your existing practice of the Hauber Method™ exercises for back pain.

The Complete Back Care program (and Bonus Video collection) contains a few upper back and shoulder strengtheners, along with minimal neck and shoulder stretches. But ONLY Total Access Gold membership includes this comprehensive program addressing upper back, neck, and shoulder issues. And the Save Your Neck & Shoulders program is ONLY available as part of Total Access Gold membership. It is not sold as a stand-alone program.

Please note: Due to changes in 2015 tax laws, the Hauber Method™ is currently only available to U.S. customers.

If you do not live in the U.S. and would like to purchase, please click this text link.



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