Back pain relief starts now!

The Hauber Method™ is a complete 6-week back pain relief program designed to get you out of pain fast, and keep you out of pain for good.

To get started, watch and complete the first session for FREE! Scroll down to view it—it's embedded below.

This system for back pain relief is natural and effective. Once you know the key triggers of your back pain and what to do to stop them, you’ll be in control.

For detailed instructions on how to use these videos for long-term relief from back pain, you’ll want to access the complete 6-week video series and comprehensive Hauber’s Heal Your Back Handbook, available here in two different membership levels.

Yes, for less than the cost of two chiropractic appointments, you will learn how to stop back pain, just like these happy customers have done.

To start your healing journey, watch the two introductory videos below, and then begin Session 1. Haven’t you been in pain long enough?

First, watch Introduction I.

Now, Introduction II. (Note that the "foundation movement" that I talk about in this video is the first thing you practice in the Hauber Method™ Session 1.)

Now that you've been properly introduced to the Hauber Method™, it's time to start healing your back pain! The Hauber Method™ Session 1 is embedded below.

Don't stop now! Get full access to lasting back pain relief, starting today!

Still not convinced that the Hauber Method™ is right for you? Read what some members have said about the speed of their pain relief, here. You can soon be sharing your own story of healing!

Please note: Due to changes in 2015 tax laws, the complete Hauber Method™ program is currently only available for sale to U.S. customers.

If you do not live in the U.S. and would like to purchase, please click here.


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