My Favorite Cheap DIY Massage

Can You Really Perform a Cheap DIY Massage?

Indeed, you can!

If you've got a foam roller, about which I plan to write many more posts in the future, myofascial release (i.e, massage) is easy—if you know the proper technique.

But what if you don't wish to spend $20 to $25 on a good-quality foam roller?

Tennis balls and a sock will do the job nicely. Really!

Simply put two tennis balls in a long tube sock. (I used a nice Icebreaker sock, but you can use any tube sock that won't easily wear through after lots of use.) Push the tennis balls close together, and tie the sock tightly so that they don't roll apart from each other within the sock.

two tennis balls in a tube sock for myofascial release (DIY massage)

The Magic Tennis Ball is a great alternative to the foam roller.

I call this tool the Magic Tennis Ball (which I wrote about previously on Career Girl Network) and I use it pretty much daily to eliminate spot-tension in my hips and back. A yoga-teacher colleague of mine, Vickie Pashon, saw my post and shared this super-relaxing DIY massage using the Magic Tennis Ball. Vickie and one of her teachers, Zuzanna Vee, use a similar tool, although they duct-tape the tennis balls together (I found the tape too difficult to work with). I thank Vickie for sharing the great little massage sequence with you all.

Just a note: "base of your neck" in the first step is a little misleading: It means "right below where your neck meets your shoulders."

Full-access members will be receiving video clips of me showing various DIY massage demonstrations for the tight muscles causing hip pain, sciatica, shoulder tension, and all sorts of things in the months to come. If you're not a member yet, maybe you should be?

Happy rolling!

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