Introducing your back pain treatment specialist, Sara Hauber, MA

My name is Sara Hauber, and at age 17 I had massive spinal fusion for severe scoliosis. For months, I was in pain. Through my own journey to healing, and after achieving countless fitness credentials, I’ve created this unique approach to back pain treatment and want to share it with you. It exemplifies my belief that back pain treatment should not be difficult, confusing, or expensive. Rather, it should be:

  • Available whenever you need it
  • Effective at eliminating your back pain

I have healed my own, and hundreds of others’, back pain using the very simple, but revolutionary, techniques I teach in these videos.

Sara is the real deal. She has figured out what really causes most back pain (posture, muscle strength, proper muscle use) and how to address it. As a former massage therapist, I’ve had many clients ask me how to strengthen their back and avoid recurrent back pain. I never knew exactly what to tell them, but Sara has figured it out. Now I point everyone with back or hip pain in her direction.   -  Paula L.

My clients have typically come to me because they’ve tried pain pills, steroid shots, physical therapy, and even surgery for back pain treatment . . . and nothing’s worked.

If your doctors’ only solutions are more pills, injections, and surgery, take a deep breath.

There is another way.

Learn about back pain treatment with the Hauber Method™ now. →


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